Flowmeter FCT-8350

Flowmeter FCT-8350

Application FCT-8350 Flow Meter :

Widely used for online measurement of acid & alkali in low concentrations and the low viscosity single-phase fluid of non-trade settlement process.

Characteristics FCT-8350 Flow Meter :
  • K coefficient and standard diameter/non-standard of a variety of settings way, flexible and convenient;
  • Different kinds of the engineer working load could be chosen, it can meet the measurement standards of different country and region;
  • (instantaneous flow high/low limit alarm, instantaneous flow frequency) multiple alarm settings;
  • the frequency pulse of instantaneous flow rate, direct sensor pulse integrating volume frequency division, integrating volume pulse and many kinds of control mode for selection;
  • To start the polyline modification for the measurements to provide better precision correction;
  • Compatible with tangential type/axial type pulse sensor;
  • Small signal cutting and small signal correction function, to meet-the operation compensation under low flow rate condition;
  • 3.5 inch screen, Multi-parameter display and Chinese/English for election, Heuristic operation;
  • Semiconductor photoelectric relay (non contact), switch control / proportional pulse control;
  • It can achieve the ratio of flow parameter pulse pharmacy dosing;
  • Measurement / control / transmission each unit can complete electrical isolated, each other without any interference;
  • Can program Current transmitting between any two points in whole flow range;
  • Isolated (4-20)mA current loop, Instrument/Transmitter for selection;
  • EMC design with better ability on anti-interference;
  • Meeting High humidity site safety power supply regulation, DC 24V with standard.
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